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iSolutions is a Solutions Development Company which consults and provides multi-discipline development capabilities to its clients. With knowledge of various Hardware, Firmware, Software and Internet systems, spanning embedded controllers to the most recent technologies, any conceptual application can be realized, regardless of platform or system. We focus on in-depth analysis of the issues, coupled with versatility in implementation methodologies, to provide a complete integrated solution to our clients. We ensure that all known present and future requirements are addressed throughout the design phase, and wherever feasible are incorporated into the finished product.

iSolutions has extensive experience in high-volume robust web site design, with complex data gathering and processing requirements. We can also provide specific back-end system integration and specialized application development, focused primarily for Windows based architectures. Our current projects include a B2B Marketing and Promotions website, Site Monitoring, Embedded System remote controls, proximity detection, iPhone audio and hardware integration, and specialized networked real-time systems development.

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iSolutions (NZ) Limited

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